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8" Heavy Duty Pump Vacuum Suction Cup with Brass Handle

8" Heavy Duty Pump Vacuum Suction Cup with Brass Handle

8" Heavy-duty Pump Vacuum Suction Cup is equipped with durable rubber pads (black or grey rubber) for carrying materials with flat smooth surfaces. Suitable for lifting, carrying and moving stone & tile: granite, marble, engineered stone, porcelain, ceramic and even glass. 


It has a vacuum leakage indicator (red line on handle) and a quick suction release button to efficiently move between materials.


The same 8" suction cup is available now with grey rubber pad to prevent it from leaving behind suction cup markings on white and/or light colour stone (i.e porous white marble/quartz). 


The suction cup comes with a carrying case, and a plastic cover to protect the rubber pads. 


Replacement brass handle pumps (HT-BH8.RBH) are sold separately. Please contact us to order. 


Item Code HT-BH8 HT-BH8.G
Colour  Black Rubber Grey Rubber
Suction cup diameter 8" 8"
Workload limit  143 lb (65kg) 143 lb (65kg)
Net Weight 3 lb (1.4 kg) 3 lb (1.4 kg) 


**Recommendation: choose grey rubber suction cup if using it on white and/or light-colour stone (i.e white marble/quartz) to prevent suction cup markings being left on the surface.

*To remove suction cup markings on Quartz specifically, try Tenax Extraclean Pro 

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