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Strive for Faster Gluing and More Efficient Gluing Process

Strive for Faster Gluing Time

Presenting Tenax's Adhesive Cartridge System

Tenax Multibond Adhesive Multi-Surface Cartridge Glue Offers excellent strength and provide seamless bonding on different materials.

  • Excellent adhesion in short time span.

  • Non-yellowing hard surfacing adhesive designed for seamless bonding and lamination.

  • Applicable for marble, granite, engineered stone, quartz, porcelain, ceramic, and other natural stone products.

  • Suitable for interior or exterior usage.

  • Can be applied to both vertical surfaces and horizontal surfaces, without dripping.

  • Produced in special cartridges 10:1 bi-axial quantity (250 ml), with glue and hardener pre-dosed in the cartridge.

Compatible with: Tenax GlueBoss Professional Adhesive Gun Gray/Black Tenax Economy Cartridge Gun – Green Tenax ClipBoss Cartridge Gun – Blue

Available Colours

Tenax Multibond Pure White - 250mL
Tenax Multibond Transparent White - 250mL

Tenax Glaxs Adhesive Best Glue for Clear and White Stone Delivers Invisible seams & Non-Yellowing results.

  • GLAXS glue provides excellent adhesion, and cures very fast, even at low temperatures.

  • Non-yellowing when exposure to sunlight.

  • Suitable for both indoor/outdoor gluing and mending together of different materials.

  • Very applicable for porous stone, white marble, white granite, and ceramic.

  • Produced in a special cartridge ratio 2+1 (with 2 tubes and a mixer).

  • Once inserted in a proper gun with 2 pistons, the product is ready for use.

Compatible with:

Tenax ClipBoss Cartridge Gun – Blue (210mL)

Tenax GlueBoss Cartridge Gun – Gray/Blue (50mL)

Tenax Glaxs Fast Transparent - 210mL Pairs with Tenax ClipBoss Cartridge Gun – Blue
Tenax Glaxs Ultra Fast Transparent - 50mL Pairs with Tenax GlueBoss Cartridge Gun - Gray/Blue

Tenax Cartridge Guns Use with either Multibond or Glaxs Cartridge

Choose the right model, depending on size and type of cartridge glue.

Purchase Tenax Multibond, Glaxs, or Cartridge Guns Today. ORDER NOW OR BUY IN-STORE AT APOLLO STONE ART

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