Strive for Faster Gluing and More Efficient Gluing Process

Strive for Faster Gluing Time

Presenting Tenax's Adhesive Cartridge System

Tenax Multibond Adhesive Multi-Surface Cartridge Glue Offers excellent strength and provide seamless bonding on different materials.

  • Excellent adhesion in short time span.

  • Non-yellowing hard surfacing adhesive designed for seamless bonding and lamination.

  • Applicable for marble, granite, engineered stone, quartz, porcelain, ceramic, and other natural stone products.

  • Suitable for interior or exterior usage.

  • Can be applied to both vertical surfaces and horizontal surfaces, without dripping.

  • Produced in special cartridges 10:1 bi-axial quantity (250 ml), with glue and hardener pre-dosed in the cartridge.

Compatible with: Tenax GlueBoss Professional Adhesive Gun Gray/Black Tenax Economy Cartridge Gun – Green Tenax ClipBoss Cartridge Gun – Blue