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Machine & Power Tools Repair Service



Conditions for Under Warranty:

  • Brands: Makita, FLEX, ALPHA, Hitachi and Apollo Power Tools

  • If the machine or power tool is purchased from Apollo Stone Art, we can assist you in contacting an Authorized Service Repair Center of the above brands to arrange for the machine/power tool to be shipped there. Shipping costs may apply.

  • Qualification of the machine/power tool’s warranty status will be determined by the Authorized Service Repair Center.

  • If your purchased machine falls within warranty period, there is no guarantee that all parts are warranted whether it is under manufacturer’s defect or personal damage or abuse.



Conditions for Non-Warranty

  • We provide free estimates for the cost of machine repair upon request, if the machine is purchased from Apollo Stone Art.

  • Final cost of repair will be informed after an evaluation of the machine is made by our repair technician.

  • Warranty is terminated if tool has been misused, abused, improperly maintained, altered/repairs done by a third party, or non-functional due to normal wear and tear.

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